Tuesday, March 20, 2012


For the months of February-April, our friend Nate is here serving alongside our staff! He is a hard worker and is excited to be helping out. He finished high school early and had a whole semester before college and he chose to use that time serving the orphan child with Back2Back here in Monterrey. He has a great attitude and is eager to help in any way needed. Some of the things he has been up to since he's been here: He has been to most of the sites that we work with and done many miscellaneous projects, used his art skills, done food shopping for groups, led work projects at the children's homes, and helped out with the groups. It's hard to believe that his time here is half over already.

Steve and I have known Nate for a long time. My family and his family went to church together for years when we were younger and I used to babysit his younger brother. Steve met Nate at our church in Cincinnati when he was working with the Junior High youth group and Nate happened to be in it. He connected really well with their whole family. We have enjoyed spending time with him and Evelyn sure enjoys smiling at him and playing with his hair!

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